The Durban Group is an ever-expanding family of companies focused on improving community.  Simply put, we are a group of entrepreneurs that enjoy helping other entrepreneurs succeed. This passion has rewarded us with a diverse network of relationships and often leads us into unique endeavors.

We explore all opportunities with open-mindedness and candor, applying rigorous and comprehensive underwriting schematics throughout the investigative process. Sometimes, the result of these analyses is the launch of a new business ourselves. Other times, we become investment or advisory partners to someone else, so that they may do the same.  Ultimately, our resources are invested where we see an opportunity to help a community evolve.

Unlike many firms, we do much more than just invest capital – and unlike many startup incubators, our relationships endure beyond the early stages. Our team members put in endless amounts of time and effort, and share the wealth of our collective experience to not only accelerate others’ success but to sustain it.


The Durban Group began as a commercial real estate development company in 2011, specializing in single tenant net lease properties. Since then, it has developed over 200 such properties across the United States and, through Durban Development, expanded to become a full service real estate company, developing larger scale commercial, residential, and mixed use projects.  But it has also grown to be much more.

From The Durban Group’s inception, its founders and team members all shared a passionate entrepreneurial spirit.  In between its real estate development work, Durban invested time and capital in a series of ideas and businesses that had the potential to introduce new value and enrich its community.  As several of the businesses began to grow and evolve, Durban’s team members all pitched in to provide whatever service they specialized in or were able to contribute.  Witnessing the success of these early endeavors, Durban’s leadership elected to formalize their investments and efforts and create a parent “shared services” company.  Today, The Durban Group is often referred to as a startup incubator or a venture capital/private equity firm.  In reality, it’s simply a complementary team of gifted individuals who share a core set of values and beliefs and love what they do.

The Durban Group’s growing portfolio now includes everything from fashion and hospitality brands to manufacturing, retail and beyond. The team also lends its support to local nonprofit organizations such as Project 658 and the Steve Smith Family Foundation. In all of its endeavors, Durban seeks to forge lasting relationships with its clients, partners and the communities it serves.