Our mission is to be a market leading developer, owner and operator of retail, residential, and office properties throughout the United States.

This mission is fueled by a passion to create value and help others accomplish their goals. That passion is supported by a unique fusion of innovative thinking, common sense, and old-fashioned hard work. We connect dots others don’t even see. We roll up our sleeves when others simply walk away. And, because our relationships matter most, we do it all with transparency and integrity.

At Durban, we don’t just look for value, we create it. Every opportunity has a maximum potential which, when met, results in the collective satisfaction of a net gain. We recognize that business relationships are built around communication, trust and success and we want people to enjoy working with us – time and time again.

While our focus is on commercial and residential real estate development, we also export our skill sets to other industries. At our core, we are entrepreneurs that enjoy helping other entrepreneurs. The diverse network of relationships we foster often intersects with our creative passion and leads us into unique endeavors. Check out our Durban Ventures page to find out more about our life outside of the real estate industry.

Business Development

Relationships are the foundation and driving force behind our business. We begin with a clear understanding of our client’s needs, work hand in hand to develop an appropriate market strategy, and efficiently execute the site procurement process.

Pre Development

Each individual project begins with a confluence of expertise from our internal teams.  We meticulously review applicable codes and ordinances to design a working site plan, thoroughly analyze risks and costs to develop an appropriate budget, and gain our client’s formal approval based on a comprehensive submittal package. 


The guts of every project – due diligence, design, permitting and entitlement.  Our project managers assemble a team of qualified consultants and professionals to conduct the requisite fieldwork and back office planning. We then work to maintain the delicate balance between procuring municipal approvals and the subsequent impact on design and cost, bridging any gaps with our value engineering expertise.

Project Commencement

Upon completion and formal approval of the construction drawings, each project is competitively bid amongst a select group of qualified general contractors.  Concurrently, construction financing is sourced and underwritten, legal preparation for transfer of title begins, and a construction start date is finalized.


Our team works diligently to manage the physical improvement process for each project.  We administer the GC contract, process loan draws, coordinate jurisdictional inspections and approvals, and provide our clients with thorough progress reports.  Above all else, we ensure that time and resources are appropriately allocated, resulting in the punctual delivery of a quality finished product.

Project Closeout

Permits and punch lists are closed out, lien waivers are collected, as built survey work is completed, and our team implements the exit strategy specific to each project.  Whether it be a capital markets disposition or a stabilized long term hold, the value of each and every asset is maximized.