Slated to open in the first half of 2019, Noble Smoke will be Chef/Restaurateur Jim Noble’s seventh restaurant and his first one dedicated to barbecue. It is a live demonstration of his passion for this storied culinary tradition, one he nurtured over 25 years of cooking and working in the South.

Noble Smoke aims to be a fun dining destination while also actively working to preserve one of America’s best-loved foods, one barbecue sandwich (or plate) at a time. Its Legends Counter will serve as a 15-seat tribute to some of barbecue’s most iconic figures and to the barbecue joint itself. The visionary concept will also be home to Hyde Brewing’s sour beer program, an event space, and a grab-n-go window for lunchtime diners.


As an investment partner for Noble Smoke, The Durban Group collaborated with Jim Noble and his team to amplify this already robust concept into something truly unique for the Charlotte market. As a result, the restaurant’s blueprint gained a tech-ready event space and a production facility for Hyde’s sour beer program. Combined with live music and ample outdoor seating, these additions will transform the barbecue hall from a dining destination to a full-scale dining experience.